Would you like to leave a reference on how you experience the collaboration with Uw Partner in Onroerende Zaken? Through contact, you can leave a message. Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

Andrea (Australia) After a long search we had just before we left for our tenants house in Koog aan Zaan dee found. After several months, however, they left suddenly to Canada from Australia and we had to look for new tenants. Contact the standard verhuurmakelaars unfortunately did not succeed, then we over-over contacts come with Glenn Menick.

By email we explained our story, it also adds that therefore we all sat on the other side of the world. All this was not a problem and Glenn went straight start. He kept us regularly informed of its progress, which informed us and kept involved. Very important for us because we wanted to rent out our house in the short term, but there could not be with because of the distance. Soon Glenn had planned some sightseeing; assessing the right tenants, signing the contract (multiple scan and e-mail!) and so took a few days! So we can again confidently sit on the other side of the world.

Anja (July 2016) Your Partner in Real Property has helped us in a wonderful way by renting out our house. We feel with Glenn and his team in good hands and will definitely use their services. Glenn feels her fine which tenants fit well with us and ensures that all on time and is regulated in detail. Thanks!

Robin (NL) Our apartment was already a while for sale. Hiring would be easier, but we doubted whether we dared to. After Glenn talked to were we have to fast. His personal way of working appealed to us. He goes up to him and feel matches only if the click between the parties. In addition, he has a lot of experience, knowledge (no problem finding something in the code for you to look after) and he goes to work energetically. Within two months it was all settled, tenants happy with a new place and we are happy with a load less. All in all a nice feeling to be able to rent out your home

Jasper (June 2016) I am very pleased with Glenn and Your Partner in Real Property. I had received a recommendation from one of my friends. However, when I was already at another broker. 'm Very happy that I took this advice to heart and work have handed over to Glenn. What I find particularly helpful is to do social way of doing business, so very punctual, good mobile access, very service oriented, open and bright. I also liked all the tips and advice I have received in the process of Glenn very useful and practical. Among other things this is Your Partner in the Real Property succeeded after I had switched to rent out my house in a short time (and what was very important for me) a nice person. My house has been standing at the other broker three months online. Your Partner in Real Property has ensured that he rents within five weeks of the transition. A significant difference in the way business is still out differently showed me. If someone in my area require a broker I can recommend you with confidence :)

Jason and Katya (South Africa) May 2016 Your Partner in Real Property was efficient from the beginning to the end. We were lucky that the first apartment we watched instantly became our new home. But we do not doubt that your partner in Real Property us wanted to show more apartments. As new expats in the city of Elizabeth was ongefoolijk helpful with all aspects of our big move. Your Partner in Real Property was really willing to go the extra mile for us.

Chaitanya (India) February 2016 From personal experience I can say that it is difficult in Krommenie to find a good property at a reasonable price because there is so much demand. But between the rental companies I liked Your Partner in Real Property, they were in my opinion the most authentic and helpful. Your Partner in Real Property was very quick to answer my questions regarding the apartment. It felt personally because he tried to match my needs with their offerings. Even after signing the contract helped Your Partner in Real Property me like contracts with utilities (electricity and gas). Thanks to them I now have a beautiful apartment in Krommenie where I feel at home.

Bakker (NL) We have found Glenn over the internet. We had bought an apartment that we wanted to rent. The apartment had to be some refurbished and Glenn gave good tips. Partly because we now have a beautiful apartment that simply 'wrong'. There were immediately pleasant tenants now and in no time the contract was around. Also at the completion Glenn was very professional. Everything had to be recorded for both parties. We can recommend everyone to take Glenn's arm. He's just a winner!

Dick (NL) Seeking professionalism, a sharp selection of reliable tenants, someone who thinks with you, things you take over 100% can trust that it will be fine and does not empty promises? Then you have Glenn and his team at exactly the right place. Toppers are!

Peter (GB) Glenn takes you all out of your hands and regulates what I had forgotten myself. Short lines and correct. Expert advice. Happy with a good broker. greetings peter

Andrew (USA) If this question is in reference to the broker Glenn, who has welcomed me to my apartment and gave me a retailer symbolic explanation of the environment as I can go shopping, how to travel etc. It was fantastic! I felt very welcome in my temporary home and therefore would like him broker his services to anyone.

Elisa (Italy) Glenn was the right person at the right time, I can definitely recommend it to other house hunters.

I began to lose hope in my research to rent a house, it turned out to be harder than I thought, especially for a foreign student enrolled in a master's program as I have a first experience away from home.

Then, when I thought I had no chance, I met Glenn. It was a happy accident. I called him, explained my situation and in a matter of minutes he came up with a solution. He trusted me and found the house I was looking for right away, the same day.

Glenn is very professional in his work, he was quick in finding a solution. He did an excellent mediation between the two parties to find those common points. It provides excellent, reliable and professional customer service. He knows how the property market works and he knows how to solve all the problems. As if that was not enough, he helped me with other practical matters.

Glenn, I will always be grateful, he was the right person at the right time and believe me when I say that you are in good hands with him.

Thanks again for everything Glenn.

J.E. Dekker (NL) For 15 years, I no longer live in Zaandam. And when my tenants went to live somewhere else. You might get less hiccups. When Glenn went to work for me. As if an angel came right into my phone. Everything, everything he does for me, the most I have no clue.

Glenn, thank you and wish you well

Rutger (NL) By Glenn I found a great apartment in Zaandam. I had also enrolled during my search on other (paid) property websites. None of these property websites could actively help me to find a suitable home.

The personal approach and pleasant accompaniment me are extremely liked. On visits he made sure I did not overlook anything. In drawing up the contract, both the wishes of the landlord respected as a tenant. During the keys everything was fixed properly so that later no surprises to be bowl.

Overall, the experience with hiring my first home thanks to Glenn very good breakfast! I can and get him definitely recommend it to others seeking housing.

Bosman (NL) Our own house was sold faster than expected while our new house, still waiting for it quite long. Through his professional and friendly way of doing business, the deal in no time was around and we now live satisfactorily in a cute 30s house in Wormerveer. The contact via email and phone smoothly and decisively. A pleasant party to do business with!

Inge (NL) Luckily I found Glenn, after I had stood my house for some time with another organization to rent. And when it proved to be not all that difficult. Personal contact you and keep you informed of things that run I really like and that's exactly what happened. Meanwhile, Glenn is also the home a friend of mine rented out in no time satisfactorily.

Greetings, Inge

Fred / Lieneke (NL) Dear Glenn,

Thanks for your fast and good guidance of renting our house, the agreement we had, you just met with your created and also the preparation of the contract plus photo's was perfect. In short, the next time we will stay with you for the rental of the house.

Good luck with your Your Partner in Real Property, but it will be fine! Best regards Fred / Lieneke

Maartje (NL) We are working with Glenn as very pleasant. He turns quickly, is very service oriented and most people-oriented. By Glenn we have within two days found a very nice house where we spend two weeks later on could. In addition, Glenn has for my own apartment, then came free, in no time found a tenant. In short; all parties happy. If we look back to other accommodation we turn Glenn again!

Marina (NL) Glenn, because the sale of our house is not as smooth as in the current market and we have already bought a new house, we needed urgently tenants. Through over we got in touch with Glenn and it has succeeded to rent our house within 2 days! We have cooperation with Glenn from beginning to end as very pleasant. Especially the way he thinks, looks for hands-on solutions and respect the needs of both tenant and landlord. This has resulted in a perfect match and we are very grateful for him there. Top!

Rachid (NL) Glenn, thanks for your quick action. Excellent service! Also very nice touch, always accessible and indeed eye for both tenant and landlord. thnx Rachid

Luke (NL) Glenn is a very professional housing agent with an eye for my personal needs. I live with pleasure in my apartment that I rented from him.

Nicole (EN) Glenn services and his company Your Partner in Real Property is fast and professional. My search for an apartment in Zaandam was completed within a few days by his quick response and proactive attitude. He thinks along with the customer and is flexible.

He is thoroughly during the transfer of the property and ensures that the landlord immediately remedy any defects.


Chris (NL) I very much enjoyed working with Glenn for the rental of my house. In a short time I had suitable tenants and everything was arranged. All this in an open and consultation. He thinks with you, it is reliable and accurate. He makes sure that he is aware of the kinds of laws and regulations concerning tenancies. thanks again!

Lisette (NL) In finding my studio, where I am very happy about the contact with Glenn on a fine, personal and professionally run.

Allet (NL) Thank you for the good and fast way of acting. Now a lot of fun.

Anatoli (NL) Glenn proceed very precise in:

(I) mapping of the wishes of the owner;

(Ii) the tour of interested parties;

(Iii) communicate / keep abreast of developments; and

(Iv) completion of the contract / delivery of the house.

The collaboration is equally enjoyable. I can recommend it wholeheartedly.

Neessen (NL) Glenn is a person who wants the best for you. He absolutely lives with you and will ensure that the search for a suitable home a small party (such as a text message successfully wish on the day of the keys). In addition, all recorded and documented exactly right so you get a complete document. But even after the keys he keeps in touch with you to hear if everything is to your liking. Thanks!

Anouk (NL) When I wanted to move into a studio / living room like after my graduation for myself, I city and country searched as a starter to find something in Wormerveer. Until I came into contact with Glenn. A personal approach, fast response and good service was not what I was used during my quest. Thanks to Glenn I sit now in a beautiful studio totally meets my needs!

Joris (USA) Even from abroad where I worked I could find a perfect home from Glenn at all fun and fast way. Through him fast, professional and friendly way of working was to find remote and capturing an apartment an unusually fine and effortless task. Compliments!

van Gerven (NL) Glenn knows how to behave impartially and then both parties to settle things properly. He knows what he's talking about and offering appropriate solutions. We are very pleased with his mediating role. Thanks Glenn, we may in the future again seek tenants we like to use your services again.

Marjolein van Bommel (NL) My boyfriend and I have been in contact with Glenn because we bought a house that stood on its site. However, this was already forgiven. Glenn then offered to help us to find a suitable home. The same evening he called for a personal interview so that we could make our wishes known. Immediately afterwards he went looking for us. Several times he has called us because he had a potential house for us! If this was not satisfactory, it was fine and he went back for. Through its proactive attitude and rapid way we all act within a few weeks the house of our dreams found. Especially we as very pleasant experience his personal way of working. Thanks Glenn! We feel now at home on the Croesestraat!

Carlo and Ria (Italy) Pleasant experience. Friendly and personal approach.

Reassuring and sympathetic. Definitely recommended! Thank you Glenn, especially on behalf of Ria

Pedro (Brazil) I was in a hurry to find an apartment in Zaandam and just when I was thinking about another place I visited an apartment from Your Partner in Real Property. Unlike my first option Glenn made quickly and professionally for everything. Everything happened as expected (no surprises on the way). I am very pleased with his effort and work and I would definitely recommend it!

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