Find a property by placing a search query

Using your requirements as a starting point, we will find you a suitable property. We are often the first to know when new properties become available on the market.

You can find suitable properties with a search query at Uw Partner in Onroerende Zaken in 4 simple steps:

    1. Place a search query
    2. Visits with a broker of Uw Partner in Onroerende Zaken
    3. Sign the lease contract
    4. Inspecteren en sleuteloverdracht

    1.Place a search query
    You can send post a query at Uw Partner in Onroerende Zaken by contacting us by e-mail to: We will then send you a service contract (OTD) which gives Uw Partner in Onroerende Zaken command to search and find a suitable home. In a personal conversation we will form the living needs by taking with you. Then we will look for you. When finally a lease is made via Uw Partner in Onroerende Zaken there are charged costs.

    2.Viewings with a representative from Uw Partner in Onroerende Zaken.
    Once Uw Partner in Onroerende Zaken has found properties that match your requirements, we will plan viewings with you. We will try to plan multiple viewings on the same day as often as possible.

    3.Sign the buying contract
    Uw Partner in Onroerende Zaken will help you negotiate price, conditions, starting date, of the property with the seller. In addition, we advise and support you when it comes to the lease contract prepared by the landlord/broker. Upon approval of the contract by both tenant and landlord, Uw Partner in Onroerende Zaken will ensure that all necessary documents are signed.

    If a date has been set for the transfer of the property, Uw Partner in Onroerende Zaken you about everything that needs to be regulated. If you forget anything and the notary to prepare the transfer of ownership (deed of transfer). A few days before the delivery comes the notary deed and a draft memorandum of settlement.

    Uw Partner in Onroerende Zaken checks all the data.
    Just before the transfer Uw Partner in Onroerende Zaken inspect in the house
    to see if it is still in the agreed condition. After that you pay (almost always via the mortgage lender) at the notary the purchase price, other costs and, if necessary, the price of the acquired movable property.

    Then you sign the deed of transfer. The house is now on your name is registered by the notary at the Land Registry.

    For more information, please contact us or fill out the form and we’ll contact you as soon as possible.

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